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Is it just me, or everybody else is also bored to death with LJ? It looks so... Some of my friends seem to drop here ones in a month now to say "Hi, I am still alive, and I remember you", some other friends I care for do it ones in a week or so. There're nothing interesting is going on, except for the rare photo-, art-, and poetry- posts, that became rarer and rarer. And I see most of the art and photos of my friends in dA anyways - and before it appears in their journals, as they see my stuff in my dA gallery first. Really, the only thing why I keep checking LJ is my j-rock community. I don't bother to translate my posts anymore, I don't care - and seems that no one does. I don't bother to share news and photos - for the same reason. Blah.
Does everyone else feel the same about LJ?
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