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1. Everybody has a personal space, right? You know, this invisible bubble; if someone invades into it we feel uncomfortable. This thing freaked me out when I just started to do Kenpo. When a person is doing a martial art their bubble became smaller and smaller because of working in a close contact with others. Wrestlers don't have a bubble at all.
Now, Capoeira do respect the bubble. It often feels like it was invented to protect one's personal space... And this absence of a contact freaks me out now:)

2. Sasha already got his Halloween costume. And black candles are finally not a problem to get anymore <):)

3. Oni had eaten my brain... The Oni.

4. Dunno how it happened, but I became a member of about 20 different communities in dA. Most of them have to do with Japan. My "favorites" folder is flooded with digital pictures of the Japanese folklore creatures and photos of Shinto shrines. Don't go there, if you don't want to have your brain eaten by an Oni (or a Tengu:)

5. I had a dream last night:
In the dream I, a man (sorta good-hearted outlaw type; tall, rather cool-looking, he had something "piraty" in his appearance), and a totally unremarkable woman in a beige blouse were standing in the middle of the dark, deep forest at the bank of the black lake, inhabited by Kelpies. The Kelpies were not showing much of themselves, but their heads, arising at the surface now and then looked exactly like on [ profile] scowling_hermit's artworks, but slimy. The creatures were very real, seriously creepy, and threatening. We were trying to figure out how to get out of there, the man was showing some interest to me, and appeared to be sorta annoyed by the woman, who was clueless about the situation.
At some point both me and the man understood, that we'll be attacked in seconds. We started to run away. Kelpies started after us, but the woods were to dense for such big creatures, so I thought we have a chance. But the man was trying to save this colorless woman, helping her to run, dragging her by the hand after him, helping her up when she was falling down. I was running by myself, jumping through, and diving under the fallen trees and stuff; faster then they, but the man was strong, and kept the pace. I was incredibly pissed off that he was helping her, not me. I cried: "What the hell are you doing? Leave her, help me, and we'll make it!" He shouted back: "No! You can do it by yourself, she can't!" That felt even worst, because now I was not only pissed off, but also angry at myself for caring for this stupid guy on the first place. Since I was forward of them a bit, I started to run faster, and then kicked a couple of the dead pine trees that were standing there. The trees went down, blocking the way with all those branches to the guy and the woman. I knew that it's most likely the end to them both, but I'll win some time while the Kelpies will be finishing them. It felt good.
I don't remember the end of the dream clearly, but I know that I made it out of the woods safe.

That dream tells a lot about me, huh? ;)
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