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OMG, I'd never thought I'll be blocking a user on deviantArt! Normally I am just laughing at trolls and ignore them, or reply something like "try to do better", and forgetting about it. But this time some pathetic talentless thing started a massive attack on me from it's two accounts, calling me "weeaboo"*. The comical aspect is that it was commenting not on the "kawaii pinku neko" stuff (which would be still stupid, but kinda understandable) but on my customized Kyuzo doll photos, of all the things! Guess the troll just couldn't swallow the fact of turning an American Barbie® doll into a character from a Japanese anime - a totally unforgivable act from the point of view of every true patriot, right? :D LOL. I was ignoring the thing for a while, but finally it's yapping became really annoying, so I blocked the troll's both accounts and hide it's comments.

...This makes me kinda sad, you know. Because I think that a really good and compassionate person should feel a pity for the poor thing who's life is so empty that it spends it's nights trolling the members of the art-sites - but I don't.
Guess I wouldn't mention the whole episode, but some of my LJ friends are also on dA. Have something like this ever happened to you? - well, besides of the Sara's adventures with the arachnophobic idiots?

*A derogatory term used to describe a person who thinks the Japanese culture to be superior to any other culture, and tries to become Japanese at any expense. Which I do not. To be more precise, it's a term used by american assholes for american otaku. Which I am not.
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