Jul. 22nd, 2011

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I have a very bad night sleep later, waking up every few hours; I feel as if my brain never rests... The funny thing is that for four days I am waking up at 5.37 am. Yes, the same time up to the minute, for four days. Weird, huh?

an extension to the Murphy's law:
What's a probability of a chance to work for a whole hour close range/a lot of body contacts with a good looking, young, tall, sharp, person of an opposite* sex, and higher that yours belt rank during your martial arts class? Let me assure you, it doesn't have anything to do with the number, gender, and age of the students in your group. The chances are directly proportional to the following aspects: a) how dirty/sweaty your uniform is; b) how really bad is your bad hair day; c) how Italian was your lunch (supposing you didn't have a chance to brush your teeth). Just a purely scientific observation...
* for an untraditional sexual orientation read "the same".

But something nice is happening time to time, too.
[livejournal.com profile] scir, a friend from Moscow, whom I've never met in person sent me a pink-and-black Pegasus! ♥ She said that she always hated color pink, until she met me with my fav black-and-pink color scheme:) Like many of my friends, she is kinda obsessed with Equidae creatures, magical and real; especially she likes the winged species. And so she made a pink-and-black Pegasus from the air-hardened species of polymer clay, known mostly as "magic clay". Pretty cool, huh?:) Thank you, dear [livejournal.com profile] scir , I love it &hearts!;


Pegasus = 2 pics )
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Гадание для [livejournal.com profile] broom__rider (программа угадывает пол, отношение к жизни и помогает написать 100 фактов о себе):

Девушка, Вы - оптимистка! И это замечательно!
Соотношение оптимизма/пессимизма в Вашей жизни:

87 %13 %

Дополнительная информация (чем сильнее прижимали палец - тем она точнее): Вы увлекаетесь аниме. Вы увлекаетесь фотографией. Вы знаете (или изучаете сейчас), как минимум, один иностранный язык. Вы хотели бы прочитать "Властелина колец" в оригинале (если еще не сделали этого). Вы - молодая мама. У Вас есть кредитка. Иногда Вы ходите в кино. Иногда в ЖЖ Вы проводите слишком много времени.
Приложите большой палец левой руки к квадрату, введите Ваш ник и кликните на кнопку "гадать":
приложите палец

Тест "Гадание v 2.1" © [livejournal.com profile] demidov, demidov
lj.onas.ru : lj.onas.ru
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Kawaii kokeshi samurai family :))

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Benzie rules! On the Fuji Rock festival (in just a week) he'd be with his other band, "SHERBETS"... Me likes! He definitely rules ♥
Бензи рулит! На фестивале Фуджи Рок (через неделю) он будет со своей другой командой, ""SHERBETS", которую я люблю есчо больше... Он абсолютно рулит! ♥

Asai Kenichi
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Shinsengumi Kokeshi
As you may know, Shinsengumi is a minor historical obsession of mine, so I just have to do a couple of those guys:)
Шинсэнгуми кокеши.


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