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Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra will have a free concert tomorrow ( March 13) at Yoyogi Park. Anton, who happens to be in Tokyo now is determined to go... I am so jealous! Grrrrr! >:D

Oh well. I get me a new MH doll instead...
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra играют бесплатный концерт в Йойоги парк завтра... это "сегодня" уже в Японии. Антон, который сейчас в Токио, конечно, намылился пойти... ЗАВИДНО!!!

Ну лана-лана, я себе куклу новую зато купила. MH. В утешение, типа...
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A friendly advice: If you'll ever have a fancy to draw a J-rock star - pick one with less hair than Kenichi Asai has, and may be you'll have a chance to finish your picture after all... :)
Дружеский совет: ежели вам вдруг взбредёт в голову изобразить J-рок-звезду, то выбирайте кого нить с поменьше волос, чем у Кеничи Асаи - и у вас, возможно, появится шанс эту вашу картинку когда-нить всётки закончить... :)
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Okay, I am working on a friggin samurai picture, needed a friggin clothing-reference. I remembered, that some of the characters from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan anime were wearing something close to what I had in mind, I just didn't remember who it was. So I typed a bunch of the anime characters' names in Google... the result of the search was kinda shocking: slash/slash/slash... TONS of it, art and fiction. WTF??? I am a kinda open minded person. I don't have anything against gays, against fan- art and fiction, or slash in general. I just don't friggin understand why some authors do if to each and every friggin character from each and every friggin anime, even with the obviously straight ones. I just don't friggin get it; guess I am not open-minded enough.
Вобщем работаю я над картинкой пра очередного самурая. И понадобился мне реф на предмет одежды. Вспомнила, что в аниме Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan кто-то носил прикид типа того, что мне надо, не помнила тока кто именно. Ну и набрала в Гугле пачку имён персонажей аниме. Результат поиска меня несколько шокировал, признаться.: слэш/слэш/слэш...бесконечный слэш. Фан-арт, фанфики, что угодно... КАКОГО ХЕРА? Не, я это, прогрессивно мыслящий вообще-то человек, ни против геев, ни против фан-творчества, ни против слэша как такового ничего не имею. Но я совершенно отказываюсь понимать, почему некоторым аффтаршам необходимо написать слэш про каждого персонажа каждого аниме, даже про тех, чья абсолютно традиционная ориентация совершенно очевидна. Вот недоступна мне эта простая истина - наверное, всё-таки не достаточно прогрессивно мыслю.


The friggin inspiration

по аналогии с этим.
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OMG, I'd never thought I'll be blocking a user on deviantArt! Normally I am just laughing at trolls and ignore them, or reply something like "try to do better", and forgetting about it. But this time some pathetic talentless thing started a massive attack on me from it's two accounts, calling me "weeaboo"*. The comical aspect is that it was commenting not on the "kawaii pinku neko" stuff (which would be still stupid, but kinda understandable) but on my customized Kyuzo doll photos, of all the things! Guess the troll just couldn't swallow the fact of turning an American Barbie® doll into a character from a Japanese anime - a totally unforgivable act from the point of view of every true patriot, right? :D LOL. I was ignoring the thing for a while, but finally it's yapping became really annoying, so I blocked the troll's both accounts and hide it's comments.

...This makes me kinda sad, you know. Because I think that a really good and compassionate person should feel a pity for the poor thing who's life is so empty that it spends it's nights trolling the members of the art-sites - but I don't.
Guess I wouldn't mention the whole episode, but some of my LJ friends are also on dA. Have something like this ever happened to you? - well, besides of the Sara's adventures with the arachnophobic idiots?

*A derogatory term used to describe a person who thinks the Japanese culture to be superior to any other culture, and tries to become Japanese at any expense. Which I do not. To be more precise, it's a term used by american assholes for american otaku. Which I am not.

LJ grrr.

Apr. 4th, 2011 11:40 am
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For the last several days Live Journal is half-time down, and the rest of the time it's working like shit russian style. Not cool, LJ! :( )
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Really, I suppose to study for my History of Art final, but my school notes remind me of anything but study; I just can't concentrate on all the BCEs and ADs 8)

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Some shit "architectural fragments" that I painted last night for school. I think I had never painted with acrylics before (not counting using it in the crafts - boxes, dolls, etc.)... not on canvas, anyway. It looks pathetic, I know: lack of the skills, and booooring subject.... we had to use a certain type of the color schemes, too, that was a killer:/ I am afraid it'll seriously spoil my grade.

Gosh, I hate the traditional media - a mess to clean, and no undo button :@
I also have finals tomorrow and on Wednesday :((
Пачка дерьма "архитектурных фрагментов", нарисованых мной вчера для школы. Мне никогда раньше акриликами рисовать не приходилось (не считая крафтс всяких - шкатулок, кукол, etc.)... на холсте, по-крайней мере уж точно не случалось. Получилось х-во, сама знаю: отсутствие практичесого умения, тоскливый предмет; так же надо было использовать определённый тип цветовых решений... бня, короче. Теперь боюсь, что эта хрень мне сильно попортит финальную отметку.

Ненавижу традиционные материалы: после работы с ними бардак надо убирать, ну и вообще, че за фигня, когда undo сделать нельзя? :@
А ещё у меня последние экзамены заврта и в среду:((


+3 )
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Geee, Elfwood those days is one fucking nonsense: not only it looks like shit (literally) with this nauseating ogre poop-colored background - first they send you "Remember us? Please, please, do update your gallery!" notes, and then... Then it takes so freakin' long to update a gallery, and all this time you just have to look at the background color, it makes me sick. The upload is organized like a total shit, the individual galleries are organized like an absolute shit, the whole fuckin' site is organized like a ton of fuckin' shit. I wonder if there are any devoted Elfwoodians those days. As for myself: I am almost sure that it was my last update there. Let them rot quietly with the rest of the site. Sayonara, baby:/

Бля, Эльфвуд превратился в такое дерьмо.... Почти уверена, что это был последний раз, когда я апдейтила тамошние свои галереи. Пусть тихо догнивают вместе с сайтом. Сайонара, бэби:/
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Well, I always knew that my friends are a bit of enigma.... each one on their own unforgettable manner and all... and all that. Occasionally they are totally enigmatic even for me. Imagine, there was at least 5 reviews and twice as much mentioning of the f*ckin' "Avatar" movie that I would probably never bother to watch, but not a single soul gave a review to "The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus". I am not going to say a word about... okay.... I just really hope that you guys have seen this film.
Мои друзья - личности загадочные; сплошная загадка, если уж на то пошло. Порой даже меня поражают.... например тот факт, что как минимум пятеро запостили рецензии на долбанный "Аватар" который я вряд ли когда даже собирусь посмотреть - всё равно эта "графика" через пол-года устареет, а бня - она бня и есть.... поражает и то, что бня эта до сих пор поминаеццо через пост... НО зато НИКТО не повесил ни единого поста про фильм "Воображариум доктора Парнаса" ("The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus"). Короче, я ни слова не скажу про... вобщем это... Я надеюсь что вы, ребята, его смотрели.
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Today it was rather warm, and the air smelled like spring, and I got a cool new (very short, very thin - for spring) jacket... Guess what? It's snowing now. Grrrrr! :/ Ye gods, I am so tired of winter!
Сегодня потеплело вроде как в воздухе даже весной повеяло, и я купила себе курточку... короткую и тоненькую, весеннюю, угу.... Угадайте, что случилось дальше? - правильно, вечером снег пошёл. Гррррр:/ Боги, как зима надоела, хнык!

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It's fuckin' snowing outside! Krrrrrrrrr! :(((
На улице, млять, снег идёт! Крррррр! :(((
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Shimatta, I just discovered, that I didn't get by e-mail a bunch of the comments I got, and the replies on my comments as well. Krrrrrrrrrrrr! Damn it, LJ!:( )


Jun. 12th, 2009 11:09 pm
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...I have this (strange? normal?) feeling that the everyday life, the routine somehow just can't take it's usual hold on me after returning from the trip to England. On one hand it's nice, on the other it's a bit annoying... it's like waiting for something to start to live your life... dunno how to explain.
Plus - I want to move to some projects that I had in mind for some time; I even made some sketches by hand (I do so extremely rarely) for the future vector pictures, while I was away from the computer... Yet I have a ton of the stuff that I have to finish first, some of it - to start and to finish. Like sorting out all the travel photos, putting them into galleries, putting the galleries online, etc. It seems right to me to send the photos and stuff to hell and to move on to the new pictures, but starting to think about it - why I took all those pictures, then? besides, our friends and families are waiting for a photo-report about the trip. Krrrrrr. The only thing that have to catch up with that doesn't bring me down is the j-rock news and releases for a month:)

Of course I am a bit depressed. I spent most of my life up in big cities, and despite of all the stress a megapolis' way, and tempo of life is way more natural to me than that of a 130.000 Colorado town, especially since it's a university town during a summer break. Ones again it's strange to me to be in a place where I now by face most of the cashiers in a supermarket. I miss even metro/subway/underground - I never thought that I would. Yeah...

But to the more bright (and loud) subject. I am sure that without me you guys were living in an absolute j-rock-less vacuum, which from my point of view is a most pitiful thing, so here we go: 9mm Parabellum Bullet's new song :


Apr. 17th, 2009 02:55 pm
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It's freakin' snowing outside:( Right on the apple bloom. No photos, no haiku this time - I am not in the freakin' mood. Snow, I hate you!:()
Снег идёт. Не-на-ви-жу!:() Никаких фото и хайку на этот раз, не в настроении.
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My car is in the service for a couple of days, so now I am driving a rental wonder of the American furniture- automobile-building called Doge Avenger. Dunno whom this suitcase on wheels suppose to avenge on - most likely on it's driver. Please, please fix my dear Beetle soon!
Машина моя в сервисе на пару дней, и я вожу сейчас чудо американского мебеле автомобилестроения по-имени Додж "Avenger", "Мститель", стало быть. УжОс(нах) летящий на крыльях ночи. Кому этот чемодан на колёсах должен мстить остаётся тока догадываццо - не иначе, как своему водителю. Плиз, плизз, почините моего Жука поскорее!
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Hi, guyz. I finally got to the lj.
First of all: I got a wonderful package from [ profile] vamm_goda and a coolest x-mas card from [ profile] jade_teacup
look what I got!:) )
Thank you so very much my dear friends! ♥ ♥ ♥

Second is that I mailed my own gifts today. got to the post office 15 minutes before closing, whew!

Third thing is that I am awfully depressed. Nothing's new here: it's Christmas. I really don't like the holiday. No, it's not the reason: it's ok to celebrate a birthday of one's deity. ...No. It's the stupid idea of the humans being united by the so-called "Christmas spirit". Hello? I feel for my friends, I love them, I don't need a special occasion to say so or to show it! And I don't care for the rest of the human kind, and no freakin' holiday will make me to. It's normal to be honest; it's not normal to dissimulate kindness and compassion for two weeks a-year. Ye gods, what fuckin' hypocrisy season, it's always brings me down:(
Ok, Sorry, if I had offended you or made you to think...

But... "everyshing's gonnabe arright". Hopefully. After all, I have Chiba (as sore as I am, considering from his look:) to drink with when I am feeling bad about the rest of the world... Cheers!:/
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It's so fuckin' cold today! Must be something around 3F (-16C) or even lower:(
That's how I feel!

even Chiba is cold! :)

But really, I am feeling bad about the cold. The driving condition is bad. The big streets are cleaned from the snow, but the residential arias are not, and so are the parking lots of the department stores. I got really scared today, when I saw an elderly lady that was very uncertainly driving a huge car. And a stupid guy in front of me on the red light tried to clean his windshield with some obviously inappropriate liquid, so it got frozen in a blink of an eye... Shit, it's scary, even with my new tires... to have all those idiots drivers around... one more brrrr!:/
Another "brrr": in a store a very beautiful man with almost an actor's face had smiled to me and gave me a way. But, gods, the guy was dressed like shit! :(@) Why people are doing this to themselves?!? For some reason (without any?) this episode kinda brought me down.
The cold seems to affect my brain as well. At "Target" I saw a Bratz Boyz doll with somewhat oriental face and a guitar. I sooo wanted to buy him - just a bit of a permanent marker make up, and he's turn into a cutest J-rocker ever! But I didn't buy him. Now I regret it:(
I know I am stupid. I am really stupid...
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Would you believe THAT ??
I can't understand - why? What's so offensive about the picture?
In case, if you'd missed the post, the picture was:

the whole wide world.... )
Okay, I can understand chasing all the adult stores and peep shows away from Times Square area, but this? This image was not open for anyone to view, by the way. Gee, photobucket sucks!:(

At random.

Jun. 19th, 2008 11:21 am
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Yesterday was full moon, known as Strong Sun Moon, of Flower Moon. My spell preparations for the night looked rather colorful, so I took a couple of pictures.

Also... gods, I feel so tired. The worst of all, I am doing nothing, can't have nothing accomplished - and feel tired. With the kid jumping around I can't concentrate on my art during the day, and at night I am unable only to sit down and to watch YouTube stupidly till 3am- gods, that's really, really annoying!:(( End of the rant.
Вчера было полнолуние, одно из названий которого Цветочная Луна. Мои приготовления для чары/ритуальчега выглядели на редкость разноцветно и симпатишно, так что я их решила сфотографировать (жаль, фото не передаёт запах!:)

Ещё... Боги, как я устала от такой жизни. Хуже всего то, что не делаю ни черта, ни черта не могу закончить, а устаю как будто камни ворочаю весь день. Днём с прыгающим кругом Крокодилёнком сконцентрироваться на картинке совершенно невозможно, а под вечер, как уложу его сил уже ни на что нет, и могу только сидеть за компом и тупо пялиться в ЮТюб, и так до трёх ночи, млин. Раздражает немеряно:(( Всё, кончаю ныть.

white, pink, and red )
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I had no dental problems for years, every check up was like "oh, you are fine, keep up the good cleaning". But a few days ago a filling (that matched my teeth color so perfectly, that I thought, that it was a part of a tooth, gods!:/) came out. Rushed to the dentist, he recommended to put a crown there. I've been through the usual steps: temporary filling - removing it - making an impression for the actual crown - putting on a temporary one. So now I have this temporary crown, and it's killing me. It's metal on the inner side, it tastes like metal, and it feels like a piece of a steel framework stacked in my mouth. I used all Tylenol-Codeine I had last night, and now I am all cranky and moody because of the pain. The only plus is that it's impossible to eat, so I lost a few pounds:) Well, there's another [kinda] plus: I wasn't able to sleep till 4 am yesterday, so I used the time to draw and made a good progress. Still I am not sure about the quality of the future picture... we'll see; so this plus is doubtful for now. Anyway, if it won't calm down, I guess I have to go to the dentist on monday for the adjustment of this torture device, which I have to have for two fuckin' weeks:(

What else? Oh yes, a music video, of course. To make the post totally disgusting:))

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