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In the frames of fighting with the pre-birthday depression.

Chiba Yusuke - random fact, mostly ancient, find in the blogs of fans and copy-pasted here (hence strange Engrlish). Naturally, it was too much for yours truly to hold her remarks to herself:P

Chiba Yusuke... )


Resuming: what a fuckin' idiot
...но если кто меня помнит в системные времена... :)

Naturally, I just had to add a live video of TMGE of the stage diving times :P

Actually, The Birthday just released a new single, and they are going to release another one in a couple of months. Also, Chiba's first ever solo project is done and recorded, it will be released some time this fall along with the movie that it had inspired... But I'll better make a special post about it next time - or you can get an impresion that Chiba is not a complete idiot;p
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Look, I made another one! :D This one's face is entirely drawn. I named her Hana.
Little GInko looked kinda lonely, so I made a girl to keep him a company. A mushi girl, I suppose... It takes to be one to get this guy interested :)
Here goes the story! (in pictures ;)

Я ещё одну сшила! :D У этой лицо полностью нарисовано.
Маленькое Гинко выглядело очень одиноко, поэтому я решила ему дать компанию. Вот такая барышня в шелку... Она муши, надо полагать, другие его вряд ли заинтерисуют:)
История в картинках!:)

Spooky Mushi Story! )
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Ginko. Mushi. Weird color scheme.
Гинко. Муши. Дикая цветовая гамма.



Ginko the Mushishi is © Yuki Urushibara

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Ginko the Mushishi is © Yuki Urushibara

Yep, this guy again :) In a contemplative mood, as always.

И снова Гинко. Давно не виделись :)
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ACIDMAN released an album of the acoustic versions of their old hits, which sounds very good, I highly recommend it.
Also, I am downloading their concert in Budokan right now; people say that it was something totally fantastic, all 2,5 hrs of it... we'll see! :)

У ACIDMAN вышел альбом акустических версий старых хитов - очень здорово, рекомендую.
А ещё я сейчас качаю их выступление в Будокане, говорят, что совершенно феерическое, все 2,5 часа... посмотрим:)

DOWNLOAD "Second line & Acoustic collection"

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- Still curious about my hairstyle, aren't you?


Everybody knows this guy by now, I suppose. But I doubt that anyone have seen him like this...
Ginko the Mushishi is © Yuki Urushibara

Полагаю, что всем, кому случается заглядывать в мой журнал этот персонаж знаком. Впрочем, вряд ли кто видел его вот так...
Гинко © Юки Урушибара
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Ginko is © Yuki Urushibara
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Hehe, I just can't have enough of humiliating poor Ginko playing with dolls :) Look, here are Ginko and Adashino (characters from Mushi-shi manga/anime series) in a form of the traditional Japanese kokeshi dolls. Cute, aren't they? ^_^

Ginko and Adashino are © Yuki Urushibara.


Хехе, я всё никак не могу перестать издеваться над бедным Гинко наиграться в куклы:) Вот, нарисовала Гинко и Адашино (персонажей из манги/аниме "Муши-ши") в форме традиционных японских куколок-кокеши. Каваии, дес не? ^_^

Гинко и Адашино © Юки Урушибара.

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Ginko the Mushishi is a very strange character. Besides for the fact that he is a strange person, I mean. He is the only anime/manga character whom I keep drawing again and again - for a few years it must be. Which is strange since he is not a heroic type at all, he doesn't even carry a katana around!:) Sometimes my night dreams are taking place in Mushishi's world with it's subdued colors and soft forms... Strange guy.
So yeah. One more picture of Mushishi. And of Mushi, of course :)
Муши-мастер Гинко - странный персонаж. Помимо того, что он странная личность, я имею виду. Единственный аниме/манга персонаж, которого я рисовала много раз - уже на протяжении нескольких лет, наверное. Что странно, поскольку героическим типажом Гинко никак не назовёшь, он даже не таскает с собой катану, подумать только!:) Иногда мои сны происходят в мире Мушиши, с тамошними приглушёнными красками и мягкими формами... Странный персонаж.
Вобщем, вот ещё одна картинка про Муши-мастера. И про муши, конечно:)
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A phrase that came from my last night's dream :

“There are things known and things unknown and in between are MUSHI.”

Thanks, Ginko, Jim... I guess 8))
I know that my brain is a big mess, but the things that are lurking in there just amaze me sometimes... :)

фраза из моего сегодняшнего сна:

"Есть ведомое и есть неведомое, а между ними - МУШИ."

Спасибо, Гинко, Джим... удружили 8))
Я, конечно, знаю, что у меня в голове - помойка, но чтоб такая причудливая...:)
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Photobucket photo by Yuki Shimbo

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Time flies... we get older... and wiser... even our idols... well, kinda ;D
Время летит.... все мы становимся старше.... мудрее... даже наши кумиры... ну эта.... типа ;D

Thee Michelle Gun Elephant, 1997

The Birthday, 2010
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well... Chiba Yusuke desu.
...Чиба Юскэ дес:)

The Voice of My Soul

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Yesssss! A Garage Chanson Show video!!! I was looking for their video for half-a-year! May be I spelled it wrong with katakana or something... I knew they are good to look at, but I didn't know that they are THAT good. Anyway, it's a MUST SEE. Everyone should watch them - right now, start here... And don't worry, you'll be seeing a lot of them here, I promise:) ...
Ah, and yes, Akira (Koshi) Yamada forever ...Here we go again;))
Йессссссс! Наконец-то видео Гарэйдж Шансон Шоу! Не поверите, я их пол-года искала... наверное неправильно написала катаканой название, да... ладно, это не важно, важно что вот они. Я с самого начала знала, что на них здорово смотреть, не знала, что ТАК здорово! ВСЕМ СМОТРЕТЬ, здесь и сейчас!... Но не волнуйтесь, вы теперь их тут часто видеть будете;))
И да, Коши Ямада фарева... Моё очередное ффсё;))


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...I walked ten thousand miles, ten thousand miles to see you,
And every gasp of breath i grabbed at just to find you,
I climbed up every hills to get, to you,
I wondered ancient lands to hold, just you.

And every single step of the way, of pain,
Every single night and day,
I searched for you.
Through sandstorms and hazy dawns i reached for you...

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A human form of Kaminari dragon. Kaminari is very special to me. His name means "thunder". The picture is based on this photo, though the exact likeness never was the author's intention.
The picture is also kinda special, because I believe that it has a seriously heavier charge of magik/energy into/on it than most of my pictures for a long period of time; sorry if it'd disturb you in any way.
Дракон Каминари в человеческом облике. Каминари играет особую роль в моей жизни, он всегда со мной. Его имя означает "гром (гроза)". Картинка базирована на этом фото, но детальное сходство целью аффтара не являлось. Так уж вышло, что картинка несёт гораздо более сильный энергетический заряд, чем прочие мои работы за долгий период времени, за что я сразу прошу прощения у восприимчивых к таким делам натур.

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♥ Happy Birthday, CHIBA!!! ♥

I thought I'll write a huuuuge post about my favorite musician of all the times, about how great his music is, and how impossible his vocal is, and about his groups and projects, all that jazz punk-rock... But I am not good at writing, so I made a Chiba Yusuke tribute collage instead:))

As for the fan-post... well, I can't imagine a person from my f-list who has no idea who Chiba Yusuke is, but suppose if a stranger will drop by... ;)
チバ ユウスケ - Yusuke Chiba) is the most interesting figure on Japanese rock-scene. His biggest and most known groups/projects are: Thee Michelle Gun Elephant (TMGE) (1991-2003), ROSSO (2001 - 2006) and The Birthday (2006-present), but there were a ton of other cool music and crazy projects, of course. The styles are mostly punk-rock, and garage rock, occasionally with a blues-rock motives. My favorites. Loud and dirty - yet melodious and not-so-simple guitar sound+vocal. Well, it's the thing you either understand, or not. It's the style, I am sure, Jim Morrison would choose to express himself, if he'd live a quarter of a century later....
Chiba's music is aggressive and influential. His vocal is something special as well. He is the type that musical observers would call "a lead-screamer", but since I've never heard about a musical journalist who's not an extremely shallow-minded sucker, let's leave the clichés aside. Strong, broken, emotional - that's the clue words for Chiba's vocal. His voice is the voice of my soul - I knew it as soon as I've heard it for the very first time.
What else? Well, punk-rock is kinda suggests a sort of simplified lyrics, a bit of the primitivism here - because the words are not necessarily "the heavy artillery" of a punk-rocker. Guess it goes to most of the punks around the world. Not to mention, that a lot of Chiba's songs are a sort of a spoken Katakana, so to say - you know, the japanese manner to write foreign words. Sorta... Right, J-rock is a special genre :) And yes. I always was wondering how people can confuse "primitive" and "primitivism" - but it's a whole special punk-rock-lyrics theme - and one of the main reason why I hate pop-music so much.
Geeeee... I said I am not intended to write an article! But I did. he-he. Sorry guys;)) Now it's you turn to laugh, because now I have to translate it all in russian:)
Okay, the post won't be complete without the birthday-boy's song! So here we go! It's my favorite song by The Birthday" - in case if somebody doesn't now yet;) - yes, both Chiba and yours truly are fuckin' romantics inside.... now shut up!:) - Not the best video, I know - guess I'd posted all the best ones earlier...;)
So yeah, Mr. Yusuke...Otanjou-bi omedetou gozaimasu... Da suki da yo, you know...;)))

And... you know what? I't a bit depressing strange to realize all of a sudden that your idol - a freakin' recognized and famous rock-star - is just a few years older than you are...
С днём рожденья, ЧИБА ЮСКЭ! - по-русски )
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A post, inspired by my friend [ profile] jade_teacup, by his art, his personality, and a certain character that he created.

It's an ancient chinese poem about love between a mortal man and a river goddess.

The Lady of the Xiang

To the northern bank descends the Lady Goddess;
Sombre and wistful the expression in her eyes.
Sighing softly the autumn breeze;
Leaves fall on the ripples of Dong-ting Lake.
Amidst the white sedge, I anxiously keep watch
For my love who will come when the sun sets.
Why are the birds flocking in the reeds?
Why are the nets hanging in the trees?
Angelicas by the Yuan and orchids by the Li.
I long for my love but dare not speak my thoughts.
My heart is trembling as I gaze afar
Over the waters which are flowing fast.
Why are the deer browsing in the courtyard?
Why are the dragons cleaving to the bank?
At dawn I ride my horses by the river;
At dusk I cross the current to the western bank.
I shall hear my loved one when he summons me;
Urging my horses I shall speed to his side.
In the river I shall build him a home;
It will have a roof made of lotus leaves,
Iris walls and purple shells for a room.
A hall of fragrant peppers,
Cassia beams and rafters of magnolia,
Jasmine lintels, an arbour of peonies,
And fig-leaves woven into curtains,
Meliotus overhead for a shelter.
White jade stones securing mats,
A screen scented with rock-orchids,
A room of lotus decked with vetch,
And fresh azalea sprigs entwined.
A courtyard filled with wondrous flowers,
Whose fragrance rare assail the gates.
The mountain spirits will greet my love,
Clustering round like clouds.
I dip my sleeve into the waters;
Wash my lapel by the shore of Li.
I pick sweet pollia on an islet,
For my loved one far away.
So rare the precious time we share;
Yet all I can do is wander and wait.

from "Jiu Ge" ("Nine Songs") by Qu Yuan


That's how lovely the original looks )
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The most heartbreaking news are sometimes coming in the most beautiful envelops...
a letter from [ profile] jade_teacup's friend samurai Ryo to Lady Hana (my japanese alter ego). the one of the kind envelop is hand-drawn by [ profile] jade_teacup.
Самые жестокие новости, случается, приходят в самых красивый конвертах...
письмо от друга [ profile] jade_teacup самурая Рё к леди Хана (а это моё жапанистическое альтер-эго). Конверт вручную нарисован [ profile] jade_teacup


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