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Sykes Family Studio's kids demo team first performance. Sasha is there. He is on the the other side of the arena when they are doing the kata, and is barely visible, but later at the board breaking you can spot him closer - a little boy with a long ponytail:)
Первое выступление нашей детской демо-команды из Sykes Family Studio. Сашка там тоже есть. Он на дальней стороне арены, когда ребята делают ката, и его как и прочую мелочь не видно почти, зато в конце, где малышня крушит доски его вполне можно разглядеть - мальнький мальчишка с длинным хвостиком :)

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...Kenpo is cool. The only problem is that [ profile] murdilka is in the second-level group now, while I still have this last cycle as a level one = I don't have a good partner to work with:/ If my buddy Russell (a 20-something black belt tae-kwon-do-ka who's taking kenpo karate now) is not coming to a class, I feel like there's not much I can do to make a progress. Guess it all will change dramatically as soon as I'll get a purple belt, though - then I will have more than enough, that's for sure...
....My samurai Muse Ryo visited me in a dream, and said that he'd behead me (yes, using those exact words) if I won't return to him "the path", so now I am trying to finish an abandoned samurai picture that was started back in April or so. I noticed, that my style had changed a lot since than: on one hand it became much simpler and less detailed (because of the lack of time for drawing) on another one - it became more.... err... expressive? - something like that. Especially it goes to the "realistic" pictures....
I am sure that because of it this samurai picture will turn awful, but I still hope to keep my head on in return - purely for sentimental reasons...
...I don't know how it works with you, guys, but with me it's something like this: time to time a theme is starting to appear in my life pretty often, it looks like I accidentally stumble upon one thing again and again, and that it comes from different sources... kinda, like something is accumulating around me.
One of a few such things now is Foxes. I stumble upon foxes everywhere: online browsing, images, literature sources, etc., even manga characters; mostly not of/about the real animals, but something related to one or another cool lore. The funny thing is that I started to meet real foxes rather often, too. Right in the middle of the city, since I live here. I know now that foxes' eyes in the light of the headlights are glowing red, not green like the eyes of most of the other animals, pretty cool. Yesterday I was watching a fox through my living room window...
*...And other interesting things*
...The Birthday's new maxi-single,ピアノ (Piano) should be released in soon. Why single, Chiba-san; I am SO waiting for a new album... But yeah, it's not the point. The point is the single's cover and the PV video of the title song.
The only of The Birthday's guys who's wearing pants there is Kuhara Kazuyuki, the drummer. The rest is wearing skirts! 8( )
Errrr.... Dear The Birthday! Sorry to break it to you like this, but... you, guys, are not [exactly] Monty Python (you need a fifth member, you see), and you, Chiba-san, are not [exactly] Terry Jones (he is wearing dresses much more gracefully, you see)...
Brrrr, I guess I just had a bit of the cultural shock, seeing my rock-n-roll hero, and the masculine idol wearing a lady's outfit:)
But the song is great. The video not on YouTube yet but you can see it HERE. I also must say that the video has a kinda mesmerizing quality, dunno why....
- Nice knees, Mr. Yusuke! Did you shave your legs for the video, or is it a blurring special effect? ;D
Hmmmm...what else? Oh, the full Moon tonight is exceptionally beautiful...
Ogata Korin "Kitsune"
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...I never was much into community spirit/feeling. In fact, this is something, that I had always avoided in my life. But our dojo has a really nice community and I am glad that I belong to it. May be it's because it doesn't matter there if you are a bank clerk, or a business owner, a university professor, or a stay-home mom; the only things that matter are the color of your belt, and your personal manner. Or may be it's because after a class the good people just have enough energy to say "nice job, bro!", but not to gossip about each other? Naturally, the personalities of our instructors play a big role in the inner climate. Kyoshi Austin always finish the class with: "now go and shake as many hands as you can!". And we do!:) Actually, guess that having a lot of physical contact is another thing that really brings people in martial arts together. Tonight Derek - a 15-16 years old boy with braces; I often work with his mom, both of them have aikido black belts - had hugged me, and said that he loves my tattoo. Also, tonight was Britney's 14-th birthday. There was a huge Inuyasha-themed cake for everyone after the session, and it was cut with a katana, naturally:)) Fun! Sasha who was hanging around waiting for me, had two pieces of the cake, and started to plan his next b-day in the dojo at ones:)
So yeah, there's a community spirit that I enjoy for the first time in my life. A nice thing. Not to mention that we met with [ profile] murdilka in the dojo - I could be grateful just for that fact alone....
Yeah... now, the belt tests are coming soon - in two weeks. I have to repeat all the previous cycles and to practice more with nunchaku... a lot more... :)

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