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In the frames of fighting with the pre-birthday depression.

Chiba Yusuke - random fact, mostly ancient, find in the blogs of fans and copy-pasted here (hence strange Engrlish). Naturally, it was too much for yours truly to hold her remarks to herself:P

Chiba Yusuke... )


Resuming: what a fuckin' idiot
...но если кто меня помнит в системные времена... :)

Naturally, I just had to add a live video of TMGE of the stage diving times :P

Actually, The Birthday just released a new single, and they are going to release another one in a couple of months. Also, Chiba's first ever solo project is done and recorded, it will be released some time this fall along with the movie that it had inspired... But I'll better make a special post about it next time - or you can get an impresion that Chiba is not a complete idiot;p
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The test in Russian says that I belong to China and should live there.... And to illustrate this fact they have a picture of Golden Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan... No really, whatever culture I belong to - it's definitely not Russian! :D

Мой результат теста
- Китай

Угу, моя вторяа родина - Китай... А то, что на картинке, призванной здесь этот факт иллюстрировать изображён Золотой Павильон в Киото, Япония (каждому китайцу, ясный пень, с детства знакомый) - так это... Вот такой мы, китайцы, загадочный народ:D

:[ )

Mar. 23rd, 2012 02:26 pm
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Любите ли бы улыбаться? Тогда оскальтесь улыбнитесь :D

... интересно, есть ли у них скидки для вампиров и вервульфов? :))
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Нью-Йорк для москвичей. Универсальный способ ответить на вопрос своих московских друзей: «А Union Square - это как в Москве что?» :)


Feb. 11th, 2012 01:02 am
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The motivators/de-motivators are sure stupid, but don't tell me you had ever laughed at them!


And this one had totally cracked me up:


Oh, Goemon! ... :D


Jan. 17th, 2012 12:03 pm
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I just have to share this wonderful retablo! :D
Не могу не поделиться этим замечательным ретабло!
А вы говорите "белочка"... :D


Doroteo Juarez used to drink a lot of mezcal. One night he saw an enormous Nagual in a dragon form, who came to ask to share a little bit of mezcal with it. Doroteo got so scared that he swore to Virgin of Guadalupe that he'll quit drinking, if the Virgin would chase the demon away, and Nagual had disappeared into thin air. Doroteo's wife is very grateful to the Virgin, because her husband doesn't drink anymore, and their life became much happier
translation Spanish-Russian by [ profile] klisunov, Russian-English by yours truly.


Доротео Хуарес пил много мескаля и однажды вечером увидел огромного нагваля в форме дракона, пришедшего попросить налить немножко и ему. Доротео так перепугался, что дал слово Деве Гваделупской не пить больше, коли она прогонит нагваля. И тогда нагваль испарился в воздухе, как дым. Жена Доротео приносит свои благодарности Деве, так как её муж больше не пьёт и жизнь его с тех пор стала намного счастливее. перевод [ profile] klisunov.

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- я знать хочу, который мой? :)


A Russian friend's finding: The big letters say "Guardian Angel" (this is a picture of a pack of almond cookies 8))
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Ретабло в благодарность за [ profile] retablos :) В фотошопе. Старалась соблюсти характерные для жанра кривенькие пропорции и экзальтированное выражение; жаль за нехваткой времени деталей маловато :)


A retablo drawn in Photoshop 8)
"Anya is grateful to Holy Virgin for all the positive emotions and good laugh that lj community [ profile] retablos brings to her".
I tried to keep characteristic for the genre crooked proportions and ecstatic expression; too bad I don't have time to add more details :)
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Благодаря [ profile] stepan_topу нарылся вот такой вот художничег - Вася Ложкин. Спешу поделиццо!:)

A crazy and funny Russian artist Vasya Lozhkin. Though his sense of humor is very specific, and it makes a ton more sense to a native speaker - still, it's all fun :)
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Recently I started to play a little bit with a Dao sword, so I think I have to learn all the possible sword techniques, right? ;D
С недавних пор я начала понемногу играть с мечом Дао, поэтому, я считаю, должна изучить внимательно все мечные приёмы! ;D

Nya! :)

Oct. 7th, 2011 12:52 am
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he didn't change much, didn't he? :D


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Jackie Chan vs. Eye of Sauron

Batman vs. Dracula

The sound effects are the best part :)
there are also:
Frodo vs Harry Potter,
Jack Sparrow vs Shrek,
Neo vs Luke Skywalker
and a lot of other cool "vs." stick-figure cartoons. Check them up!:)
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...And back to anime theme. Guess only Hetalia could make one to fell in love with Russia... for a short while:)

...И снова про аниме. Только Хеталия и может заставить полюбить Россию... :)


+3 Russia-demotivators )
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Очередной бЭзумный алфавит.


Tам есчо много

Another take on russian ABC... untranslatable, of course - except, probably for the image above, which could be translated literally: Wild Woodcutting Woodpecker - say, that it's an illustration for the letter "W"! Wow! I just can see parents teaching their kids with the help of this masterpiece! :D
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Absolutely accidentally I discovered my ultimate ego. It's Kuromi from Onegai My Melody!:) Kuromi is a kawaiiiii-est thing in the world; she's an antagonist of a pink bunny girl named My Melody, she rides Baku, and has a crash on a violinist boy... everybody knows that Chiba started his musical education with playing a violin, right? :))))

Совершенно случайно обнаружила своё абсолютное "я". Куроми из Онегай Май Мелоди!:) Куроми - самое кавайственное существо на свете. Антагонист розавинькой зайки по-имени Май Мелоди, Куроми ездит на Баку и обожает вьюношу со скрипочкой... ведь все знают, что Чибино музыкальное образование началось именно со скрипочки, так? :))))



May. 13th, 2011 07:27 pm
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...A half-an hour ago I stopped at the grocery store to get a few things. And there was this tall asian guy with long hair and eyeglasses; he looked kinda interesting, so I gave him a second look. I wasn't able to say at ones what nationality he was, so I gave him a third look, too. And noticed, that he is looking at me kinda the same way - well, lots of people do, when I am wearing this pink T-shirt with black skull and crossbones, and a feminine pink scarf with a bit unexpected skull pattern; again, not too many women wear elegant high heels here in FC... Anyway, we were playing this "I look at you when you are not looking at me, and we both know it" game for a few more minutes, while shopping. Then I decided that he is most likely a Chinese, though not of a very common face type, and turned away to go. In a second I heard something, and turned back to look what's going on. It seems that the guy was more busy looking at me, than paying attention to his shopping, and by a mistake filled some old guy's cart with his choice of fruits and other produce instead of putting it in his own cart. The old man was unsuccessfully trying to get the asian guy's attention to that fact for some time now, and was already pissed off, so he rose his voice, and finally succeeded. The asian guy was embarrassed, exclaimed "oh my gosh!" and started to fix the problem... unfortunately, at this moment he decided to look at me again, so the first item he took out of the cart was not his. I thought that the old man will kill him. IT WAS HILARIOUS!:D I did my best to not to laugh out loud before I turned around the corner:))

Now, I think that this situation would look cheesy in a comedy, but in the real life it was really funny. It made my day:D


Apr. 27th, 2011 12:08 pm
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In classical painting:

Ophelia by John William Waterhouse )

witchy-witchy <);)

wicked witch:) )

made with Photofunia
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Ещё из жЫзни Горынычей:)

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