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"I have no interest in normal human beings."


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9mm parabellum bullet, acidman, altars, american kenpo, animal spirits, animals, anime, anne rice, art, artists, asai kenichi, asian dragons, bats, beautiful people, beer, bilingual kids, blood, bodhisattva, body art, brooms, candle magic, candles, cats, celtic, celts, chiba yusuke, chinese brush paintings, claude monet, color black, colorado, computer graphic, cooking, crystals, customized dolls, cute asian guys, daisho, daydreaming, demons, dragons, drawing, dreams, drow, fantastic animals, fantasy, fantasy art, fantasy worlds, fine arts, forgotten realms, fox-people, french impressionists, garage rock, gemstones, goddess, gogol bordello, goth subculture, gothic, green man, haiku poetry, hayao miyazaki, horned god, ikebana, indie, j-rock, j. w. waterhouse, japan, japanese demons, japanese poetry, jazz, jisei, kawaii, kenpo karate, kimmidolls, kitchen witch, kitsune, kokeshi dolls, kuroshirsuji, love, macromedia freehand, magic, magic users, magik, manga, martial arts, mikhail vrubel, miyamoto musashi, momiji dolls, moon, morrigan, mushi, mushi-shi, music, mysterious, mythology, nemi, neo-paganism, new age, nicholas roerich, norse, oni, orient, oriental, original characters, pagan, paganism, paul gaugin, piercing, playmobile, preraphaelites, punk-rock, purple, quan yin, rock, russian fantasy, samurai, seppuku, sex, silver age poetry, silver jewelry, spells, steampunk, stones, studio ghibli, sushi, sídhe, tanka poetry, tattoo, the birthday, thee michelle gun elephant, tokyo ska paradise orchestra, tolkien, tom waits, totems, tsuba, unicorns, vampires, vector graphic, victor vasnetsov, vikings, warriors, were-folk, werewolves, wicca, wine, witchcraft, witches, wuxia, yokai monsters, zen, оборотничество, олдовый пипл, система, хиппи, язычество
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