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In the frames of fighting with the pre-birthday depression.

Chiba Yusuke - random fact, mostly ancient, find in the blogs of fans and copy-pasted here (hence strange Engrlish). Naturally, it was too much for yours truly to hold her remarks to herself:P

•Is an avid collector of records. Used to have his own TV program where he introduced them to the audience.

•Played the violin when he was a kid. Once appeared on stage at the Budokan. Ran away from the classroom half of all the times he went there.

•Struggles with asthma.

•Was at a complete loss of words one time he appeared on the

•Does not have a cellphone, but knows how to use a fax.

•Likes drinking, but is not good at holding alcohol.

•Smokes. Prefers Lucky Strike.

•Convinced a reporter to switch from another brand to Lucky Strike, but seemed to have forgotten about it the next time he met said reporter.

•Horrified of frogs and Kappa. Has said that he’d probably cry if he ever met one.
* what about Tengu and Oni? >:)

•Practically always writes the lyrics for all of the bands he’s been part of.

•Used to shoplift paint thinner and tobacco when he was in middle school.

•In October 2006, his forgetfulness was so bad he frequently had to ask the other members to remind him of the opening words in “Nude Rider” when performing live.

•Upon experiencing a hand cramp, once shouted “Hands! Hands!”. A staff member misunderstood and gave him a handshake.

•In a similar situation, he once shouted “Lyrics! Lyrics!”. Since it was close to Valentine’s Day, a staff member gave him sweets. NOTE: the pronunciation for “sweets” and “lyrics” - "kashi" - are pretty much identical in Japanese.
* I hope that he finally learned how to use at least simple sentences to express his needs :)

•Likes the TV program “Today’s dog (kyou no wanko). Sometimes cries to it.

•One time before TMGE’s debut on Triad, he tried to stage dive. The audience moved away, resulting Chiba hurting his back. Didn’t got to his part-time job the next day.

•Shortly after TMGE’s debut, a live show was cancelled after Chiba did not return after stage diving.

•Sometimes wakes up because of his own sleep-talking.

• Was once on the verge of tears because of the noise coming from his fridge.

•Was once seen drinking beer on the shinkansen bound for Nagoya. For some reason seemed like he was about to cry.
* if you didn't get it yet, Chiba is a crybaby :)

•Has lied about the origin of the name “thee michelle gun elephant” on several occasions, referring to the names of fridge producers, wanting to fly in the sky on an elephant etc. The real (and by now widely known) origin was someone mis-reading the band name “machinegun etiquette”.

•Also used to lie about his history as a member of other bands.
* he also is a liar :P

•Once said he has a rival called Yoshio. Has not explained who this is.

•For a long time mistakenly called his drummer Kuhara Kazuyuki “Nobuo”. Kuhara gave up trying to correct him.
* Nobuo is one of my favorite Japanese male names - again, just a random fact.

•During TMGE’s live shows in Los Angeles, worried so much about the staff, equipment, and illumination that the band almost cancelled the whole thing. In the end Chiba said “let’s just do it!” Everything went just fine.

•Guitarist Abe Futoshi’s parents once sent their son oysters. Chiba took it all, made fried oysters, and ate half of it, before letting the rest go to waste.
* well, if his cooking turned out as I suspect it did, then probably it was for the good...

•The only band member who has been a passenger with Chiba driving the car is Kuhara Kazuyuki.
* Mr. Kazuyuki was/is a member of two of Chiba's bands: TMGE and The Birthday, and he didn't turn crazy yet - guess he has nerves of steel.

•Thought that strawberries could be planted and grown into trees.
* in translation from Engrish it means that Chiba thought that strawberries grow on the trees... I wish he was right, LOL :D


Resuming: what a fuckin' idiot
...но если кто меня помнит в системные времена... :)

Naturally, I just had to add a live video of TMGE of the stage diving times :P

Actually, The Birthday just released a new single, and they are going to release another one in a couple of months. Also, Chiba's first ever solo project is done and recorded, it will be released some time this fall along with the movie that it had inspired... But I'll better make a special post about it next time - or you can get an impresion that Chiba is not a complete idiot;p

Date: 2012-04-19 08:10 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I enjoyed learning more about him. :D Very interesting guy.

Date: 2012-04-20 02:24 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
heh, sounds like he is a complete idiot... especially I was impressed with the stage-diving part :D But I love him anyways :p

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