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Michael's send me a note of my own birthday special discount. Oh how nice of them. Hope it's not an April Fool's joke:)

Thinking about it - I am the easiest person in the world to make gifts, you know? I like so many things.

I like everything culturally connected to Japan and China. I love poetry and art of those countries the best.
I like jewelry, candles, and everything purple. I like gothic and steampunk styles.
I like dragons, pandas, black panthers, cats, and bats. I love guys with paper-white hair, and classy vampires.
I love Chiba Yusuke and Asai Kenichi! ♥
I like everything (manga, fanart, figures, toys, zakka, etc.) to do with Studio Ghibli productions, Mushishi, Hetalia, and Kuroshirsuji (Black Buttler). And I love Kuromi!
I love MONSTER HIGH DOLLS and Bratz Boyz! I love kokeshi, including Kimmi dolls and Momiji.
I love cute stuff with skulls. I like sweets: milk chocolate, mochi, yatsuhashi, and all other sorts of okashi.

Yeah, I am the easiest person in the world to make gifts!
-When I told all that to one of my friends, he seemed to be puzzled, and said that though he recognizes some of those words, he couldn't understand most of it! LOL :D
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